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This kit fits the following models with the 4JJ1 engine :
ISUZU D-MAX 2012-2013

This kit completely removes the EGR Cooler from the engine. This kit works with all modifications such as exhaust & chip upgrades. It requires no re-tuning & takes about 1 hour to install.
You DO NOT touch the egr valve with this kit but YOU MUST HAVE BYPASSED OR DELETED THE EGR FROM YOUR ENGINE for this kit to work. If you have any questions please contact me.

This kit will eliminate the additional heat created by the EGR Cooler from your system. The exhaust is blocked at the exhaust manifold & all exhaust is passed over the turbo on its way out the tail pipe.

This kit completely eliminates the possibility of coolant entering the engine or exhaust from a cracked EGR Cooler.


  • Designed, assembled & ruggedly tested in Newcastle Australia in the mud, sand, wind, rain & sun by the engineers & mechanics at FOSKO Enterprises. Kit includes all components necessary for the mod. Comes with detailed instructions & illustrations showing install procedure. Works on all vehicles 2007 thru 2011 with the 4JJ1 engine (RC Colorado, Rodeo, D-Max). THIS KIT IS INTENDED FOR THE FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER STYLE. If you have a top mounted intercooler please see the other EGR Cooler kit. This is because the top mounted intercooler mounts to the EGR Cooler. Since the EGR cooler is removed we have fabricated mounts to which the intercooler mount now attaches. This kit requires the installer to have sound knowledge of how to use a socket set. You need a bypassed or deleted EGR valve for this kit to be successful. This kit is intended for use in off road engines only.

  • We at FOSKO pride ourselves on providing our customers with superior quality products. We inspect every piece of your order before packing and sending - however we are only human and sometimes things do slip past us, if you find a problem with part of your order please contact us and we will work out a solution. Please note : we cannot accept returns of items which have been fitted and run in engines or if you simply change your mind. 

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