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These patented Tube Seal caps work with all brands of silicone and adhesive caulking tubes with plastic nozzles as shown in the photos.   These caps when installed correctly will keep your unused product fresh and usable for many many months. The caps can be re-used over and over and come in 4 different colours to help identify different tubes.    Great for Plumbers, Roofers, Mechanics, Tilers, and the DIY Handyman!!The purchase price of these caps will end up saving you money from your first use by not having to throw out half a tube of good sealant, they will save you time by not having to go back to the hardware store after finding your sealant has set up inside the tube.   Simply slice off the nozzle of your tube leaving the threads intact as you would normally and when you are finished unscrew your piping nozzle and install a Tube-Seal cap. Next time you need it just unscrew and use as per normal. If you still have product left in the tube refit the cap and walk away!

Tube-Seal 4 pack

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