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      FOSKO has spent hundreds of hours & tens of thousands of kilometers developing these EGR Delete Kits. The kits eliminate 100% of the exhaust gases from entering the intake. This will keep you engine cleaner & ensure your engine does not suffer the harmful consequences of EGR effects. By replacing the exhaust gas with clean filtered air the kits ensure there is maximum Oxygen in the cylinder at all times & zero exhaust particulates. This adds longevity to your engine as your engine oil will remain noticeably cleaner & adds boost from 100% of the exhaust being directed over the turbo & out the tailpipe - where exhaust should go. The kits also allow the engine to run as it normally would under all conditions according to the ECU.  

    Some people put a resistor inline with their MAF/IAT to trick the engine sensors into thinking either engine is cold when its actually warm or the air is colder than it really is & thereby not activating the EGR valve. Tricking a warm engine into thinking it is cold is extremely damaging. It puts extra fuel into the cylinder thereby wearing out costly injectors & causing poor fuel economy. It puts excessive pressure on the expensive fuel pump & can cook your battery. Feeding false information to a very complex ECU is considered bad practice & it is impossible for the engine to ever develop full power with inaccurate sensor info. If you want to play with your ECU get a chip that allows you to do so or get a retune by a professional. Dont risk your engine for a $3 resistor.

    For maximum results it is recommended these kits only be put on clean intake systems. If your intake is clogged - these kits will not clean it for you. They will however ensure no further build up accurs. For intakes with significant build up the ONLY effective solution is a FULL intake strip & clean. You will not achieve this with anything in a spray bottle. The intake will need to be fully removed, stripped & soaked in an acid bath to remove all the build up.

   If you have had your engine since new you will know what the as-new power used to feel like - this power be regained by a proper intake clean on a well maintained engine. These kits ensure you will never lose that power due to intake build up.


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